Introduction To Computer Graphics And Mu


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Second edition of the book is the result of a fresh study of the latest in the technology and syllabi of various universities. Thus, it intends to make students up-to-date in knowledge, and to make the book more comprehensive and relevant at the all-India level. It now covers the Computer Graphics and Multimedia paper for BE/B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering), BSc (Comp. Sc.), BCA and MCA curricula of AICTE, JNTU, BPUT, WBUT, Anna, VTU, PTU, Mumbai, Osmania, REC-Trichy, Bangalore, and many other universities and institutes. The book has undergone some structural changes, like two new chapters have been added on Hidden Lines and Surfaces (as chapter 6), and Illumination and Shading (as chapter 8), while the chapter on Graphics Mathematics has been converted into an appendix. In chapter 6, the algorithms and methods of realistic display of 3D objects with removal of invisible lines, surfaces or volumes from a scene have been described. Chapter 8 addresses the techniques of modeling the effect of light interacting with physical objects to generate realistic intensity profile in a computer generated scene. The chapter on Multimedia has virtually been rewritten including Video, and MPEG video and JPEG image compression schemes, image processing technique, audio compression, MPEG audio and Virtual Reality. The basic techniques and mathematical basis for advanced Animation and Morphing have been explained in greater detail.

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