Curriculum Integrated Language Teaching


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"This book aims to address the peculiarities of language learning in predominantly Anglophone contexts. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is the focus of our attention, given its potential to meet the challenges faced by teachers of foreign languages in primary and secondary schools. CLIL involves the teaching of non-language content, such as science, through the medium of a language other than the students' native tongue. In Germany, for example, the language of CLIL instruction in geography or history is typically English; in the UK and Australia maths or music might be taught in French or Italian. Most European mainland countries have successfully developed CLIL as part of their national curriculum policy in the last 20 years. By comparison, the UK's and Australia's progress in CLIL lags well behind. With the spread of CLIL across Europe and South America, CLIL has come to equate increasingly with 'learning English' in non-Anglophone countries. Learning a foreign language other than English in the UK, the Antipodes or USA, is a markedly different challenge from learning English, the global language, on the European mainland, South America or the Far East, for example. The implications relating to motivation and learners' perceptions of relevance in settings where 'English is enough' are considerable. Anglophone countries, therefore, represent a challenging and unique context for CLIL as a 'new' pedagogical approach"--

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