I Love My Grandpa (Bilingual Chinese with Pinyin and English - Traditional Chinese Version)


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Mina has a brilliant idea for her puppy, but she can’t do it alone! She spends a fun-filled day with her grandpa, creating, building and developing their special bond. Join Mina and Gong Gong (grandpa) as they team up to bring her idea to life! This book showcases everyday dialog to support your child in Chinese learning. Written for children ages 2 to 6 in Traditional Chinese, Pinyin and English, this sweet story with vibrant illustrations is easy to follow. It is also separately available in Simplified Chinese. Your little one will learn common conversational sentences in Chinese as well as new vocabulary!

★ A fantastic Mandarin immersion resource for non-native speakers! ★

Give your child the opportunity to become bilingual! Research shows that learning a second language can boost problem-solving, critical thinking, listening skills, memory, concentration, ability to multitask, and even unlock more career opportunities. There are so many benefits when you start at a young age.

All of Katrina Liu's books are intended for non-native speakers and parents interested in fostering the development of dual-language with their children. Each book contains vibrant full-color illustrations, large Chinese characters with Pinyin and English for support. They are written in everyday dialog making it easier for beginner learners to pick up the language.

Katrina Liu is an American-born-Chinese mom and author. Her goal is to create beautiful engaging books that support non-native speakers for children and adults alike. Her books include relatable experiences and cultural differences that resonate with modern-day American families which many books from China do not have.

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Mina’s Scavenger Hunt - Mina plays an exciting game of scavenger hunt as she searches around her home to collect a list of treasures. This interactive book is a great way to learn common adjectives in Chinese.

Mina’s Ups and Downs - It's an exciting day at the carnival with Mina and her parents! With so much to do and see, Mina experiences a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings throughout the day.

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