Implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2019


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Bring on-premise and cloud collaboration features to life with Microsoft’s enterprise content management platform - SharePoint Server

Key Features
  • Get up to speed with the latest version of SharePoint and make the most of its features
  • Set up and effectively manage your SharePoint Farm in the cloud or on premise
  • Learn how to align your development tools and cloud infrastructure to support collaboration
Book Description

Microsoft’s latest addition to their product range, SharePoint Server 2019, is a new enterprise content management platform that brings on-premise collaboration features to life. It can be used as an isolated platform or in a hybrid connected configuration providing management and connectivity to Office 365. You can use the SharePoint framework to host sites, information, data, and applications in a robust CMS that centralizes collaborative content for enterprises.

SharePoint 2019 enables new integrations and features that will allow you to work seamlessly with new and old Office products such as Microsoft Power Apps and other Microsoft Office applications.

Implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2019 will help you understand the challenges, planning, migration steps, installation concepts, and configuration involved in providing this platform for your enterprise. The book will also show you what the platform brings to the table from an on-premise server perspective. If you’re new to SharePoint 2019, you’ll also be guided through how to get servers up and running so that you and your user community can become productive with this powerful new platform.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed in Microsoft SharePoint 2019 and have the knowledge you need to apply your skills in the real world.

What you will learn
  • Understand changes to the platform and how to migrate from other versions of SharePoint
  • Explore infrastructure planning and governance relating to collaborative environments
  • Install and configure network components, servers, and desktops
  • Use SharePoint services and other Microsoft product servers and apps
  • Monitor and troubleshoot SharePoint after it is implemented
  • Discover the tools that can be used with SharePoint 2019 for BI and reporting
  • Delve into social features and collaboration
  • Maintain, monitor, and support the rollout of the platform in your enterprise
Who this book is for

The book is for SharePoint administrators, developers, and architects who have some experience in designing, planning, implementing, and managing SharePoint Farms.

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