Handbook of Latinos and Education


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Now in its second edition, this Handbook offers a comprehensive review of rigorous, innovative, and critical scholarship profiling the scope and terrain of academic inquiry on Latinos and education. Presenting the most significant and potentially influential work in the field in terms of its contributions to research, to professional practice, and to the emergence of related interdisciplinary studies and theory, the volume is now organized around four tighter key themes of history, theory, and methodology; policies and politics; language and culture; teaching and learning. New chapters broaden the scope of theoretical lenses to include intersectionality, as well as coverage of dual language education, discussion around the Latinx, and other recent updates to the field.

The Handbook of Latinos and Education is a must-have resource for educational researchers; graduate students; teacher educators; and the broad spectrum of individuals, groups, agencies, organizations, and institutions that share a common interest in and commitment to the educational issues that impact Latinos.

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