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The Book deals with contemporary issues of rape; the aftermath and THE judgment. Rape is rampant in the country. No girl or women for that matter is safe; whether at home; workplace or on the road. With or without a chaperon she is subjected to all kinds of humility. A woman is not safe even in the so called safe environment of her home. The person who takes oath to protect her sometimes; rather most of the times becomes one whom she has to fear. She is unsafe even with him. Is it right?
This subject of rape has been extensively dealt in this book; cited with many instances from the present times. It also deals with the verdicts passed on these atrocities. Like Draupadi a woman needs protection for there are innumerable men ready to pounce at her and subject her to un-mentionable humiliation. But where is Krishna?
Who is there to protect her? Treat her as a human and not as an article to be used and thrown. Is the judiciary blind like Dhritarashtra or helpless like Bhishma. The book deals with many such issues. And the question remains: Are women safe?

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