Enterprise Services with the .NET Framework


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.NET Enterprise Services is a managed class in COM+ that allows developers

to build scalable applications quickly and easily, by automated business

solutions, rather than writing code from scratch. .NET Enterprise Services are

delivered as a part of the Windows 2003 operating system, and also work with

Web Services. While Microsoft is currently encouraging developers to build

distributed applications using Enterprise Services, there is little information


Enterprise Services with the .NET Framework

responds to the needs of all

developers looking to build and automate business solutions using the .NET

Framework. It is the only book that clearly explains what .NET Enterprise

Services are and how to use them to build effective distributed business

applications. It presents the big picture of .NET Enterprise Services using clear

explanations and practical examples. It discusses the architecture using

straightforward language and demonstrates how to use all of the Enterprise

Services technologies to develop scalable distributed applications.

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