Learn Hbase in 24 Hours


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HBase data storage technology is rapidly adopted by traditional RDMS users. Unlike RDMS, where scaling the server vertically for a huge data is a big challenge. With HBase, you can do this easily. It allows you to integrate with Hadoop's MapReduce framework for massively parallelized data processing jobs. Many expert and beginners are asking for a point-to-point guide that helps them to get a complete insight on HBase working. This book will answer all their queries and give them a complete tour of HBase technology.

In this edition, you will begin with some very basic concept like HBase’s architecture, including the storage format, write-ahead log, background processes, and some of the advance topics. You will also learn about accessing HBase with native Java clients, how to tune clusters, design schemas, copy tables, etc.

So far if tracking other resources for HBase have disappointed you, you must try this e-book. It is cheap, easy to comprehend and concise in its content. The examples and images are an additional benefit of this book. While to enhance your knowledge pool for related topics, more referrals and links are provided.

 Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Architecture, Data Flow, and Use cases

Storage Mechanism in Hbase

HBase Architecture and its Important Components

Data flow in HBase


Chapter 3: Installation Guide

How to Download Hbase tar file stable version

Hbase - Standalone mode installation

Hbase - Pseudo Distributed mode of installation

Hbase - Fully Distributed mode installation

Chapter 4: Shell and General Commands

General commands

Tables Managements commands

Data manipulation commands

Cluster Replication Commands

Chapter 5: Handling Tables

Creation of Table with Rows and Column names

Placing values into tables and retrieving values from table

Retrieving Inserted Values in HBase shell mode

Chapter 6: Limitations, Advantage & Problems

Chapter 7: Troubleshooting

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