Learn CodeIgniter in 24 Hours


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CodeIgniter is a MVC (Model View Controller) framework for developing PHP applications quickly. It provides out of the box libraries for connecting to the database and performing various operations. 

Here is what is covered in the book –

Chapter 1: What is CodeIgniter? How does it Work?

1. What is CodeIgniter?

2. CodeIgniter Features

3. How CodeIgniter Works?

4. CodeIgniter Release History

Chapter 2: How to Download & Install CodeIgniter + Composer [Configuration Included]

1. Download and Install Latest CodeIgniter Framework

2. What is Composer?

3. How to install Composer

4. CodeIgniter Config Files

5. CodeIgniter Configurations

6. How to remove index.php in CodeIgniter

Chapter 3: CodeIgniter Application's FOLDER & FILE Structure

1. Application subdirectories

2. System subdirectories

3. User_guide directory

4. Vendor directory

Chapter 4: CodeIgniter MVC(Model View Controller) Framework with Example

1. What is MVC?

2. How MVC frameworks work?

3. CodeIgniter Controller

4. CodeIgniter Model

Chapter 5: CodeIgniter Controllers, Views Routing: Learn with Example App

1. How to create a new CodeIgniter project

2. CodeIgniter Routing

3. Create a Route

4. Create a Controller

5. Create a View

Chapter 6: CodeIgniter Routes: Learn with Example

1. What are Routes?

2. Routes Example

3. Creating URL's for the Application


Chapter 7: CodeIgniter Form & Form Validation with Example

1. CodeIgniter Form Helper

2. Example Create Form

3. CodeIgniter Form Validation

4. Adding Form Validation Rules

5. Displaying Form Validation Error Messages

6. Populating Submitted Form Data: Sticky Forms

7. Example Form Validation

Chapter 8: Codeigniter Active Record: Insert, Select, Update, Delete

1. How to use Active Record: Example

2. CodeIgniter Database Configuration

3. CodeIgniter Insert Active Record

4. CodeIgniter Select Active Record

5. CodeIgniter Update Active Record

6. CodeIgniter Delete Active Record

Chapter 9: CodeIgniter Database Tutorial: Create, Update, Delete

1. CodeIgniter Working with Database

2. Database Configuration

3. CodeIgniter Database Models

4. Contacts Manager Views

Chapter 10: Pagination in Codeigniter with Step by Step Example

1. Database configuration

2. CodeIgniter Pagination Database Model

3. CodeIgniter Pagination Routes

4. CodeIgniter Pagination Controller

Chapter 11: How to Set Session in Codeigniter With Example

1. CodeIgniter Session Management

2. When to use sessions?

3. Sending Flash Messages to other pages with CI Sessions

4. Storing User Data in CI Sessions

5. CodeIgniter Session Views

Chapter 12: How to Upload Image & File in CodeIgniter (with Example)

1. CodeIgniter File Upload

2. Uploading Images in CodeIgniter

3. Testing the application

Chapter 13: How to Send Email using CodeIgniter

1. CodeIgniter Email Configuration

2. CodeIgniter Email View

3. CodeIgniter Email Controller

4. Email Routes

Chapter 14: Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Which is Better?

1. What is Laravel?

2. What is CodeIgniter?

3. Why use Laravel?

4. Why use CodeIgniter?

5. Features of Laravel

6. Features of CodeIgniter

7. Laravel vs. CodeIgniter: Know the Difference

8. Laravel vs. CodeIgniter which is better?

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