Artificial Intelligence and IoT


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This book projects a futuristic scenario that is more existent than they have been at any time earlier. To be conscious of the bursting prospective of IoT, it has to be amalgamated with AI technologies. Predictive and advanced analysis can be made based on the data collected, discovered and analyzed. To achieve all these compatibility, complexity, legal and ethical issues arise due to automation of connected components and gadgets of widespread companies across the globe. While these are a few examples of issues, the authors intention in editing this book is to offer concepts of integrating AI with IoT in a precise and clear manner to the research community. In editing this book, the authors attempt is to provide novel advances and applications to address the challenge of continually discovering patterns for IoT by covering various aspects of implementing AI techniques to make IoT solutions smarter. The only way to remain pace with this data generated by the IoT and acquire the concealed acquaintance it encloses is to employ AI as the eventual catalyst for IoT. IoT together with AI is more than an inclination or existence; it will develop into a paradigm. It helps those researchers who have an interest in this field to keep insight into different concepts and their importance for applications in real life. This has been done to make the edited book more flexible and to stimulate further interest in topics. All these motivated the authors toward integrating AI in achieving smarter IoT. The authors believe that their effort can make this collection interesting and highly attract the student pursuing pre-research, research and even master in multidisciplinary domain.

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