USIA, Public Diplomacy in the Computer Age


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First published in 1984, USIA: Public Diplomacy in the Computer Age is the only current study of America's public diplomacy agency. This completely revised and updated second edition incorporates the dramatic changes that have occurred in USIA world communications through computerization. It is a detailed study of how the USIA carries out its mission and how it might improve. It also outlines changes since 1984, summarizes the retiring director Charles Z. Wick's accomplishments, and forecasts future possibilities under new leadership. Advocating a greater focus on the third world, this edition pays considerable attention to how glasnost has affected U.S.-Soviet cultural relations. This book will interest students and scholars of international relations, government employees, and those wanting to learn more about public diplomacy.

Drawing upon thirty-two years of service, the author provides us with a detailed description of the United States Information Agency. This new edition covers tremendous changes which have occurred in the past five years. The WORLDNET innovation, greatly expanded computer to computer activities, and Voice of America's modernization program are just some of the aspects of USIA operations presented here. His premise is that USIA's mission has always been support for U.S. foreign policy together with the fostering of non-political educational and cultural exchanges. His book therefore challenges recent views which advocate separating cultural from informational activities.

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