Peace Process


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"A masterful study of American diplomacy. Quandt's cogent analysis of the role of crises in defining the agenda for a succession of American presidents is built on new and original evidence. Peace Process is must reading for anyone interested in the Middle East and American foreign policy. It is an enduring study of American leadership in a troubled and important part of the world."--Janice Gross Stein, University of Toronto

"Essential reading for those engaged or interested in the present Israeli-Arab peace talks."--Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich, Embassy of Israel, Washington, D.C.

"Just the right mix of good, old-fashioned narrative diplomatic history and insightful interpretation. The book truly illuminates American foreign policy regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, but at the same time it offers thoughtful analysis and interpretation of what diplomacy and American policy is all about."--L. Carl Brown, Princeton University


"Clearly written, carefully balanced and comprehensive in scope.... Should prove invaluable to all serious students of American foreign policy."--New York Times Book Review

"A major work, whether judged by the standards of classical diplomatic history or modern political science."--Foreign Affairs

"Provides fresh insights into the complexities of creating the process and defining the substance of American foreign policymaking."--Survival

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