Orphans Of The Cold War


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For decades, a secret war has been waged over Tibet. Involving the Chinese, Indians, British, Tibetans and Americans, the struggle has been both through diplomatic back channel and the barrel of a gun. Orphans of the Cold Waris a vivid, dramatic and heartbreaking account of that secret war, written by a man who knows the subject better than anyone: a 44-year veteran of the CIA, Kenneth Knaus participated in the planning, direction and execution of America's covert attempts to aid the Tibetan resistance. Knaus's book is an epic tapestry that includes everything from secret UN negotiations to brutal violence in the HimaLayas, with a cast of characters that includes presidents, guerrilla Leaders, diplomats and the Dalai Lama. Full of intrigue, atmosphere and a wealth of rare photographs and illustrations, Orphans of the Cold War is a gripping tale of geopolitics and courage, of faith and abandonment. Combining impeccable historical investigation with the knowledge of someone who was there, it is essential reading for history buffs, fans of good story telling and anyone who hopes to understand Tibet today.

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